Things To Do On the Big Island


What better way to play then doing water adventure. With over 266 miles of coastline, the Island of Hawaii is surrounded by pristine blue water. Try kayaking or stand up paddle board “SUP” to experience the water and sea life below.

Want more adventure, try the authentic Polynesian sport of outrigger canoe or pump up the exhileration and try canoe surfing “Anaeho ‘omalu” Bay simply called A Bay.

If sailing float your boat, take the sights from a catamaran where dolphins escort the bow of the boat.

Our Favorite Things to do on the Big Island

Swim with Turtles and Rays

Imagine the thrill of swimming within inches of manta rays.  With wingspans up to 20 feet wide, these creatures are both  beautiful and ethereal.   They do not have stingers or barbs on their tail and so they are harmless to humans. T

Plan and evening boat tour for the ultimate thrill when spotlights are turned on attracting plankton to the feeding stations. Manta Rays eat plankton by opening their mouths wide and swimming in acrobatic motion.  The most popular location to spot these creatures is along the Kona Coast, where they feed primarily in the evening.

There are many different option for seeing these beautiful creature either during the day or at night. We recommend Sea Paradise located in Keauhou Bay. They believe in sustainable tourism and understand the importance of protecting Hawaii’s ocean environment.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 8 am – 5 pm


Departs Kailua Kona Hawaii 96740


(808) 322-2500

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